Holiday prep

Today was a strange day, sort of a calm amid chaos.  We were given year end bonuses at work, something very exciting, and had a three hour luncheon to celebrate the holidays together.  I was also given a new project, something new to me and challenging, but i am excited about it.

Today was also my usual yoga class.  We were in the smaller room at the community center, which has a wonderful feel to it, particularly given our small class size this session.  Rather than our typical shavasana, we meditated together looking into the fireplace.  After class our instructor gave us an additional gift of freshly made chocolate chip cookies.  The 6 of us all stayed for a few minutes to enjoy them.  Although the students in the class are often quiet, we are all friendly, and that little moment of togetherness felt lovely.

I’ve spent the rest of the evening working on my menu and shopping list for Christmas Eve.  We will be hosting family for dinner, and it’s a little stressful.  Once again my dislike of the telephone and  poor planning has caused me stress.  However, with enough food everything will be alright.  I am using a Google Doc to write down the dishes i would like to make and what ingredients will need to be purchased, as well as any links for particular recipes.  This way the husband can access all the information when he goes out shopping tomorrow.



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