This morning was rainy, i may of even heard thunder, but perhaps it was just the wind as i lay in bed, enjoying a little chance to sleep in before work.

Cookies from local bakery

Cookies from local bakery

Last night i put up a sticky note under the bathroom mirror, reminding myself to do 5 sun breaths this morning.  It worked, although i admit, i did them right then and there in the bathroom and my poor cat got thwacked a few times.  He is particularly underfoot in the mornings.  This new addition to my routine did throw me off, but i was able to make the bed, open the shades, and do my swish & swipe before heading downstairs to feed the cat and clean the litterbox.  I even remembered to put away the sweater i chose not to wear, a tiny victory, but one nonetheless.

Work was busy.  I’m designing a type of remediation system that i don’t have much experience with.  As my old boss would say, it’s an opportunity.  That and a good chunk of engineering is learn as you do.  I was also trying to work with Duncan to get some last minute gifts and grocery shopping organized.  I am learning we both struggle with communicating over instant messenger, but while at work it is very difficult to call him.  I need to work on my clarity in typing and be less afraid to give very specific instruction when i need something.

After work i picked up some Italian cookies for Christmas Eve for Mom at a local bakery.  She’s a big fan.  They were a little expensive, but i know the labor that goes into them, so it’s worth it.  Once home i worked on a technical problem for a non-profit i serve on the board of.  Then i jumped right in to wrapping presents.  Often this is one of my favorite holiday activities, but again, with the mess my procrastination has made, i just felt stressed.  This is something to work on for sure.  I also was able to do some laundry during this time.  Efficiency!

I also found out i ordered some shirts as gifts that won’t arrive on time for Christmas thanks to some misinformation and not reading all the fine print.  This makes me sad, but i think all three of my boys who were getting them will understand (by my boys i mean full grown adults).

Starlight Mint Tray

Starlight Mint Tray

My husband came home earlier than expected from his aikido class, so we went to Target and did some last minute shopping and then got a late dinner.  I put things away while baking a starlight mint tray (pictured).  This is an idea i got from Pintrest.  You unwrap the mints and align them in a rough pattern on a wax paper covered cookie sheet, then bake it at 350°F for about 10 minutes.  They are soft enough to manipulate with metal cookie cutters or just use as a tray.  They are fragile (i broke my first attempt!) but fun.  Although i thought they were identical except for color and flavor, it turns out the green ones were a little thicker, which is a challenge melting wise, but worked out fine with a little toothpick manipulation.

At 10:30 I got a few messages from the Mister, telling me i should be in bed, afterall, tomorrow is his birthday and party, and being a tired girl is no way to celebrate. I rushed to make progress cleaning out the fridge, wrap the last things i had to wrap, and bring up the laundry.  I was even able to put the clothes away before climbing into bed at 10:58, two full minutes before my 11 o’clock be in bed time.

I definitely realized, as i spun around rushing to do-do-do, and my husband was on the computer, that i feel resentment in times like this.  But the reality is, there is nothing he could of been doing at that time! So i need to work on letting that go.  As if the universe wanted to remind me, in my email came the latest Zen Habits email, entitled The Other Person is Never the Problem.  I hope to find some time to really read it and take it in.  I think it would be beneficial to me on many levels if i could work on that perspective.

Very busy day

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