This morning i woke up early, and fought with myself to stay in bed longer.  5 AM is not an acceptable time to start cooking voluntarily.  So i stayed in bed until about 7, then did a swish & swipe, my sun breaths and headed downstairs to write for a few minutes.  Then it was taking care of the cat and getting to work.

I started off by making some Rice Krispies Treats with red & green M&Ms in them.  I had forgotten just how easy (and messy!) they are to do!  But they look great.  I decided, with so many events to attend, to make a second batch, but didn’t have enough ingredients.  The small market near the house didn’t have Rice Krispies.  So the second batch was Coco Pebbles instead, and came out awesome.  I kept the ratios the exact same – 3 tbs melted butter, 40 regular sized marshmallows and 6 cups cereal (plus a small pile of red & green M&Ms).

I also made some fudge using the Never Fail Fudge recipe from Fluff.  I’d like to play with candy making more at some future point, i do enjoy it.

While i was making the fudge, i spoke with the sister, who was getting ready for a party at her house, she needed some extra hands there.  So i drove up once i was finished and showered.  I helped baby-wrangle, make sandwiches, generally be an extra set of hands and company when she & i went off to the packie.  It was good to spend time with her, even in do-mode.

The party was lovely, with a great mix of folks.  There was family, friends, coworkers and all kinds of great people.  The party was a Solstice/Christmas/Mister’s 43rd birthday/house’s 100th birthday celebration.  There was caroling, cookie decorating, lots of food, and just general happiness.  As is my job at such events, i did my best during quiet times to clean up stray plates and cups, replenish food, or take away empty bowls.  It was much easier than in years past with this year’s menu for sure!  The evening wound down with a group of adults relaxing on the couch around 11.  It felt nice to just be with family and friends, laugh, even make adult jokes.

I stayed to clean up and then pretty much zonked out in bed.

Again, i’m reminded how much love is in my life.

Christmas #1

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