Christmas #2

I was able to sleep in this morning! Until 8! It felt glorious.

Once I was up, I once again saw my sticky reminding me to do my sun breaths. I am finding I’m not actually counting, I just do some, more than 5. I am enjoying the simple practice though. I hopped in the shower, did a swish & swipe and headed down to write and start the day.

Most of the day was spent cooking and cleaning.  I made a quick batch of cinnamon raisin bread in the bread machine for tomorrow’s Christmas Eve bread pudding first.  Then i thought i would start on a gingerbread bundt cake, but the husband had bought the wrong kind of molasses.  I worked on a Andes Mints cheesecake bar instead, but i think the crust came out way too thin.  Fingers crossed, i need to decorate it today.

Tonight was also family-of-choice Christmas.  There were 6 adults and a toddler.  I was responsible for garlic mashed potatoes and a salad.  We also made a cheese plate and devilled eggs.  The Mister’s father had sent him a ton of meat and fish dishes for his birthday/Christmas, so folks brought that down too.  We did presents together and watched some bad holiday TV too.

I did take some photos, but it’s time to run, there is so much to do!

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