Today was a typical field day – up and at the office before sunrise, a little chaotic, and a lot of  doing.

I am enjoying incorporating the sun breaths into my morning routine (note to self: lets write up the current morning routine here please).  It’s just a few moments of centering, and i can do them no matter what i am wearing (or not, as has happened several mornings now).  The movement feels good and since it incorporates my whole body, i feel a little warmer on these chilly mornings.

I did start some laundry and put a few holiday items away this morning, which felt good.  Although i love the joy of Christmas, i don’t love having a mess!  I want everything back in it’s place as soon as possible!

As i said, today was a field day.  I admit, i was not looking forward to dealing with the weather today.  It was a cold, rainy day, with some snow on the ground.   As our job involved sampling wells at a residence, i was nervous about finding the sample locations.  My coworker must of been wearing special shoes or something, as he found them all very quickly.  It was very cold and very wet, but there were few problems, which was great.



At one point, i looked in the snow and saw a tangle of legs – it was a giant spider!  i assumed it was dead, buried in the snow, but my coworker came by and it was alive!  Nature really is impressive.

After work i was still cold and wet.  These are two factors that often leave me feeling cranky.  My husband suggested a hot bath, which i did do… after deciding to carry up two baskets of laundry by myself, because they hadn’t made it upstairs yet.  It frustrated me to not have things done when i came home after such a physically demanding day.

As i was folding the gigantic pile of kitchen towels, cloth napkins and tableclothes from all the holiday festivities i felt frustrated.  I could just use paper products, this would be unnecessary.  I silently steamed and folded for a few minutes before realizing that this act is a gift to my home, my family and my environment.  The labor i was performing means i am not using rolls of paper towels for every spill and drip, instead i am using cloth, which i can wash and re-use over and over.  It means i am saving money because they are reusable, and i (almost) never run out.  It means helping the environment by creating less waste and using less resources.  So yes, doing the laundry is no fun, but there is a reason for the effort.  I was even able to let go of my frustration about it not already being done.  It was washed, dried and put into the basket for me.  I had to go upstairs anyway.

That little reminder was just what i needed to find some peace in my day.

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