Sunny Day with Impending Snow

This morning i woke up to a wonderful sunrise, the snow reflecting the light back over my neighborhood.  It made getting up and off to work that much easier.  I did take a few minutes to put a few things away as i went about my routine.  Simple things are what keep my home cleaner and more organized.

I had to go to a job site about an hour away from my office.  Of course, there was traffic on I-95, but just as things slowed down, the sun looked beautiful over New Haven Harbor.  Another simple happy moment.

At work i had a minor accident (breaking the vehicle key in the door), but thankfully my employers are kind people.

This evening was mellow.  I came home and noticed none of the items i had asked to be done were completed, but i tried to respond with kindness and understanding.  I was feeling a little low, but believe it is because the Mister & Sister are away this weekend, celebrating their anniversary.  I’m very happy they’re getting some quality time together, but i do miss them both, particularly since the Mister and i have not had our regularly scheduled Monday night last week, nor will we this week.  Also, i suppose it was a bit of jealousy as well.  The Mister set the intention for he and i to also go away for our anniversary.  Since we don’t have a clear date, we’ve agreed to select one when it’s more convenient.  He has a powerful tendency to start and end things during the winter it seems, which means even less time during a busy period of the year.  Since it’s not a concrete plan, i fear it’ll be another idea that does not come to fruition, for any number of reasons.  He and i have discussed this, but i am still working on managing these feelings.  Polyamory does force me to look at my feelings more in depth, and see what is based in reality and what is based out of emotion.

Later in the evening my husband brought home some Chinese food and we watched part of a movie before i felt sick and went to bed.  And by bed i mostly mean watching Upstairs, Downstairs on my Kindle in bed.  Some of my emotions are almost certainly tied to the fact my body has been uncomfortable with all the stress and cold weather work.


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