My Day Off

Today i slept in.  It felt wonderful to lay in the bed and daydream for a bit.  It’s such a luxury to not be on a schedule once in a while.  I went about my usual morning routine except for getting dressed, as i had a grand plan of using my new French press to make myself coffee.  I imagined myself sitting at the computer, drinking delicious hot coffee out of a mug, able to get more whenever i wanted during the day.  Sadly, when i opened the box i found the glass was already broken.  I suppose my dear husband will have to return it (it was a gift from him).

I put away the glassware from Christmas eve, as well as the paper plates and napkins (we don’t yet have enough dishes for 20+ people).  I put the redeemable recycles into the basement and cleaned a little in the kitchen.  I also made the bed in the guest room (poor husband has been snoring and let me sleep solo).

I spent most of the day resting.  I think i have a bug of some sort.  There was a lovely bath, and more Upstairs, Downstairs and some Sims.  It’s not much of a day off, but i was productive.  We got a few inches of snow through the afternoon, so my options were limited anyway.

Still, the house is slowly making progress.  Hopefully i’m cleaning more than i’m messing these days.

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