Morning Surprise

Last night i barely slept, i had stomach pain throughout the night, which seemed to finally ease up around 4:30 AM.  Yuck!

The plan for today had been an open ended idea to help the Love-In-Laws paint the new office.  I went to wake up my husband, knowing clearing the snow off the walk and driveway would take a few hours and saw a wonderful sight.  No, it wasn’t the snow itself…someone had already cleaned the snow away!  Not just the walk either, but the path to the front door, the driveway, even the steps!

How wonderful to be the recipient to such an act of kindness.  We’ll have to try to figure it out and do something nice for our mystery neighbor.

The snow does look lovely from my office.  I am surrounded by windows on 3 sides in this room, and at times it’s a challenge, but today i am thankful for it.  Seeing the blue grey sky against the white snow, the dark trees, the green evergreens, it’s amazing, really.

Husband replaced the broken French press yesterday, so i am alternating coffee and ginger ale (my stomach is still feeling unsettled, but i think a bit better).

The afternoon was spent painting the office.  It was formerly renting by a wedding planner, and painted a strange lilac color… poorly.  We primed and did some of the walls a slate blue color.  Other walls will be a nice beige, and  think they will contrast nicely.  I came home after, feeling off again, and rested.

It was nice to have such a surprise, even if we did find out it had been the neighbor’s play company getting the wrong address!  We won’t complain about the luck, and they came back and did her house proper.  It was also nice to help my friend with her professional space, and spend time with her.

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