Goodbye 2012

This morning started off strange.  I slept in very late, probably due to the last of the sick, and right away started in on chores.  I took today off from work, but went about my housework angrily, realizing i was using precious vacation time for housework instead of fun because the husband had not done things during the week.  That certainly doesn’t feel good.  I froze much of the leftovers from Christmas events, took out the trash, started some laundry, did a number of dishes, reset the dining room and talked with the Sister for a while over instant messenger.

The Husband and i had a little fight, which was resolved.  He’s taking unemployment hard and i expect too much of him.  It’s hard on both sides.

2012/2013 NYE Cake

2012/2013 NYE Cake

I used a 1-2-3 Gluten Free mix (Spice Bars) to make a banana cake with chocolate frosting for a gathering with the Family-of-Choice this evening.  We are doing burgers and home made french fries for dinner and celebrating the new year.  I very highly recommend their box mixes if you need to make a gluten free dessert in a hurry.  They can be adjusted easily for vegan needs, and are highly versatile.  Each box has several recipe variations, and there are more on their website.  You can even get creative with them pretty easily, since there is so much information about ratios.

I also hung up our new calendar.  This year i bought another Anne Taintor calendar for the kitchen, since it goes so perfectly (and subversively) in that room.

It was 2:00 before i got to sit down, and even then, it was still in my PJ’s with laundry in the dryer.  I let myself play Sims 3 for a little while to relax.  It is my day off after all.

The rest of the afternoon was spent going through the Husband’s clothes.  When his job ended he had to consolidate 5+ years of living in two locations into one house.  He had a giant collection of clothing because of how he did laundry in NY and, well, not getting rid of junky clothes.  So he did keep his promise and it was all put away by the end of 2012.  We did it together. Most of the time i would hold up an item, read the size and he’d decide.  Sometimes we’d talk about where we felt it belonged, or he’d try something on, but generally it was quick.  The way things were categorized were:

  • In the primary dresser: about 20 pairs of underwear and about 20 pairs of socks (all the same type), plain t-shirts, polo shirts, his favorite jeans and long sleeved t-shirts.
  • In the secondary dresser: Fancy socks, belts, undershirts (about 10), exercise clothes, swimsuits, pajamas, less frequently worn pants, t-shirts with logos or sayings
  • In the bedroom closet (hanging): sweaters, overshirts, sweatshirts
  • In the office closet: Suits, dress pants, ties, dress shirts
  • In the guest room closet – aikido gis
  • Bin – Seasonal clothes, mostly shorts and his motorcycle gear
  • Bin – Overflow, extra shirts mostly
  • Bin – Extra socks, underwear and undershirts
  • Bin – Too small clothing
  • Bin – Sentimental clothing
  • Bin – Work clothes (stuff with stains or rips but good for painting or other projects)
  • Small bin – Running accessories
  • Small bin – Travel gear

We ended up with the largest laundry basket full of things for me to turn into rags and/or throw away as well.  There wasn’t much to donate, as there were a lot of stained or ripped items, but i will see if there is anything worthwhile and bring it to Goodwill when i do.  I feel so much happier now that everything has a place and we know what he has!

NYE with our Family-of-Choice was lovely.  There was a moment where we were all in the kitchen, each doing something, and it felt so amazing.  We watched a terrible movie together after dinner and watched the ball drop before calling it a night.  Well, and lots of kissing to bring in the new year.  It’s important, right?

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One thought on “Goodbye 2012

  1. I just stumbled across your blog and it seems really similar to mine. Do you find yourself nagging your husband to help keep the house clean? I’ve realized since our house is in order, I notice when he leaves things out and find myself nagging. Yikes.

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