Un-deck The Halls

This morning was typical. I woke up, went through my routine, enjoying the sun on the snow as i did my sun breathes. I brought down the box of the Husband’s costumes & SCA clothing to the basement and added mine, consolidating. When i realized this left an empty container, i filled it with the artwork i was given from my Grandmother’s house, as well as some other pieces i had that have not yet found homes on the walls. Then it was off to work.

Work was supposed to be drafting, but I needed to do some site restoration oversight instead.  It was cold, but gave me a chance to be outdoors and muse on things.  The Sister and i have been using the Transform Your Life app.  Today’s quote and assignment was:

To live is so startling it leaves little time for anything else. – Emily Dickinson
Control, which is only an illusion, is over rated.  Life has much better ideas for us than we could ever imagine for ourselves.  
Assignment: Today, allow yourself to be startled by life.

It is amazing how much i ignore in the process of living, and how amazing my world is when i choose to actually see it.  How perfect to be outdoors with this “assignment”, and appreciate things like the sun making my face warm just as the icy breeze came by, or how the snow melted and the puddles evaporated.  Simple, everyday things are fantastic, when we let them be.

Box of Lights

Lights, wrapped with cardboard, and a separate box for bulbs and fuses.

This evening has been focused on de-Christmasing the house. I am organizing the 5 boxes of Christmas items differently this year, which is interesting. The first box is lights. With three strands on the tree, and almost the entire first floor draped with lights, there are a lot. Although they take up more room wrapped on cardboard, i hope it will save me some frustration next year!  I also used a small box just for bulbs and fuses.  I think having them all in one place will make life a little easier.

The second box is garland, which i have less trouble with as far as tangling goes, so it’s really just a pile, along with ribbons, bows and the tree skirt. Soft items, really. The stockings as well.


Maybe i love my label maker too much

The other three boxes are primarily ornaments.  I divided them up into three categories – vintage (which is what my tree this year was primarily decorated with), hallmarks (because my OCD family members kept all the boxes) and crafty, which are mostly things my brother and i bought for my parents or each other as children from our school’s annual Christmas Fair.

Each box is labelled, and i hope that will mean less searching for “that thing” i want.  I also labelled smaller boxes inside the larger, such as “to repair” and “mini ornaments”.  I also made sure to put all the loose hooks into a hard plastic container, so i can find them, and they won’t be tearing holes in plastic bags.

It turns out the local cub-scout pack is doing a fundraiser, and taking away Christmas trees for $10. I could load it into the car and take it to the drop off point for free, but the convenience (and that the money goes to support kids in our town) seems well worth it.  They will come tomorrow.

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