Early morning

Seymour the Sourdough Starter

Seymour the Sourdough Starter

This morning, around 5AM, i woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep. I got out of bed at 6, deciding that was a more reasonable hour, and started the day. Doing my sun breaths in the dark was interesting, but since work often has me up so early, it’s something I should grow accustomed to.

I fed Seymour, my sourdough starter, so he’s currently digesting on the kitchen radiator (ok, fermenting, but i like to pretend he’s a pet, not a bunch of gross bacteria). I made some yummy coffee and spent some time with a new variety puzzle book.

When i unplugged the Christmas lights last night, i apparently knocked a wire loose. I tried to solve the issue myself, hoping it was just a strangely configured breaker, but ended up calling my electrician (AKA Dad). He’ll come by tomorrow to take a look. It’s probably a loose wire.

It’s the fifth of the month, which means i got my first Foodie Pen Pal! I sent out my email, as well as heard from the person assigned to me. I’m really excited about it, and already trying to think of ideas.

The after and evening was devoted to Downton Abbey, Season 2.  I drove up to see the family-of-choice and after a little planning out the next quarter or so, we started in on watching.  Gosh, i hate so many of the characters at times!  We had some cheese & crackers & wine and lots of laughing and discussing clothes and service and such.  I even got to sneak a few minutes of time with the Mister when we went out to get dinner!  That was nice.

Although somehow i ended up being in charge of salad and fetching drinks… Well played family, well played.  The nephew was having a tough time, his Mama suspects he’s cutting some molars, so there was that distraction.  Really though, it was a lovely day/night. Enough i added it to my gratitude jar.  Ok, vase, but same idea!

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