Monday… Yay!

Today, when i woke up and went to the landing to do my sun breathes, the sky was beautiful – oranges and pinks.  The snow is still on the ground, it felt so vibrant.

It’s Monday, which isn’t that exciting, except that Mondays are date night with the Mister.  Because of when Christmas and New Years fell, we haven’t had a date night in 3 weeks.  Date night is often the only time we have for the two of us, so it’s sort of a big deal to miss such a long period of time.  Although we’ve seen each other during that time, it’s been big group activities, which mean not so much with the emotional or physical intimacy.

Anyway, morning routine: done!

Work is… work.  I had a Chobani Champions banana & honey greek yogurt for breakfast this morning.  Yum!  But i definitely need to eat more than that over the course of the work day.  I’m starving at 1:30.

Although i don’t place too much stock in things like astrology, i do enjoy my weekly horoscope from AstroBarry.  This week’s is (emphasis mine):

LIBRA (September 23-October 22): You’ve probably just encountered some party-pooper practicality of a reason to hold yourself back from what could’ve been super-fun, Libra… which looks to me to have been the right thing to do. Wipe off the dusts of disappointment. (The rewards of ‘right’ are far longer-lasting, anyhow.) Your latest recommended activities, courtesy of Venus, include: private beautification rituals (alone or with a family member whose company you’ll enjoy), home-décor sprucing-up (and specifically, if applicable, procuring an affordable new decorative item or piece of art you’ll look at every day), smoothing over any wrinkles from the holiday season (including letting go of unreasonable expectations that a certain someone might ever act some certain way), a new-year’s removal of emotionally toxic waste from your immediate environment (quite literal), meaningful house dinners with whoever you live with (how often do you sit down together and eat?), and/or quiet catch-ups with your pleasure reading or TV-watching. Any activity that grants you solitude, familial peace, domestic bliss, and/or inner solace is an easier immediate triumph.

How funny that i am focusing inward, on my self, my home, my relationships.  This week looks like quite a bit of calm and quiet, and hopefully time to do some house related projects.

The evening was nice.  A few quick chores and time with the Mister was a goodness.  Also getting a burger at my favorite place for dinner was happy-making.  Simple pleasures, good communication, and lots of joy.

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One thought on “Monday… Yay!

  1. Startin’ the day off right! Stir in some granola, sliced bananas, or spread your Champions over whole wheat waffles to add a little filling fiber to get you through your morning. Thanks for your shout-out, friend.

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