This morning was a little weird.  The Husband was sleeping funny, so at 4:30 AM i went off to the other room to sleep for a little longer.  I did my sun breathes with the sun rise, did my morning clean of the bathroom, cat care and headed out to the office.  My morning routine is quickly reestablishing itself in the best of ways.

I was having some trouble last night, so i wrote to the Mister & Sister during the day over e-mail.  I also wrote to Saddleback Leather about what size belt would be a good exchange for the one we bought, which was too big.  In all honesty, their products are amazing.  The Mister & Sister gifted me with one of their notebooks, and i love it.  It’s thick and heavy and will last forever.  Also, great customer service.

In the evening i was able to wind down a bit, then help the Husband make dinner – tex-mex.  It was yummy and used some of what we already had in the fridge.  After, i took a bath and worked on what i hope to build into my evening routine.  I’ve been laying out my clothes most nights regularly.  It’s an incredibly easy step for starting tomorrow in a better way.

I want to add making (or accounting for) breakfast and lunch.  It sounds funny, but i actually lose, not gain, weight when i eat 3 meals (or more smaller meals) over the course of the day because i don’t leave work starving and make poor decisions.  Making my meals at night is another step in that direction!

So my breakfast/lunch is pretty weak, but it’s a start.  I’m building the routine, which isn’t a one shot thing.  The doing is as, if not more, important than the result in a way.

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