This morning, my routine once again brought me a smooth morning.  The bathroom is clean, the cat is cared for, and because i prepared, there is a yogurt on my desk next to me, waiting for me to enjoy it.  Lunch is in the drawer.

I am considering moving things around on the landing so i can do yoga there in the mornings.  Perhaps just a simple vinyasa, but a few minutes each morning.  It’s an idea, I’ll continue with the sun breaths for now, at least through January probably.

It is funny, how much the Sister & i put into preparing for things.  Next week we’ll be attending a sci-fi convention, along with the Husband, Mister, Love-In-Laws and Nephew, so 6 adults and 1 toddler.  We’re sharing two hotel rooms.  With 5 of us on panels, 3 of us on staff and child-care, it’s going to be a full weekend!

I spent yesterday making us a spreadsheet for when our panels were assigned, and encouraged folks to add to it the activities they’d like to do.  For me that meant two yoga classes (yoga using rope & vinyasa yoga), and a shadowcast of Nightmare Before Christmas.  With this, we can determine who has childcare duties, when the best time to get meals  is and those sorts of details.

Today i started the packing list, based of the last big trip i did, back in September.  I like to plan my outfits ahead of time for events like this.  Even if i’m not a cos-player, i still like to dress fun and be organized!

In the evening, i had a meeting of our board for a non-binary gender & sexuality organization.  We had some tough decisions to make, but worked as a team and came to agreement.  I’m lucky to work with such great individuals.  Volunteering my time in this way is incredibly stressful, however, it does feed my soul.

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