Last night i let myself slide on making my breakfast/lunch ahead of time.  Guess what happened this morning?

I felt all stressed.  Boo.

At least i had some yummy fruit in the house.  Lunch ended up being yogurt, an apple, an orange and a granola bar.  Not too bad!  I ate it during my AutoCAD users meeting at work.  We’re in the process of getting everyone on the same page with drafting, which is a challenge.  Since i’m in a different department, and a different area of the office than most of the other draftspeople, i have some quirky challenges, but i am excited for us all to work together more.

The husband made a pasta salad for a potluck this evening.  We’re going with the Family-Of-Choice to a polyamory meet-up tonight.  It’s important for me to spend time with other individuals and families who do this thing.  It’s not easy, and even feels isolating at times.  I can’t speak freely about my life experiences in some places, or worry about being too affectionate in some circumstances.  Even when it’s a group of strangers, i know there is a kinship.  And hey, maybe meet some new friends!

Well, sadly, we were running a few minutes late, thanks to New England weather (freezing rain, yuck!).  When we walked up to get the other folks, there was a hyper dog and a crying toddler.  It turns out the sister had accidentally bumped him in the head, causing lots of tears and freaking out.  With the weather so crummy, we decided not to go out east, and instead do dinner there.

This made the husband sad, so we didn’t stay long.  More bummer, but the right choice.  It meant hard talks for most of the evening though.  Unemployment is hard, i know, having been laid of for 8 months a little over a year ago, and i need to work on my compassion.


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