Monday – Yum!


Rye toast, a golden delicious apple and an omelette

Today was a little bit of a weird day. I had to be up extra early because of work, and last night was a late night. Days like this i’m SO glad for my morning routine, and the developing evening routine. I can trust things will be how they should be, when they should be. I did my sun breaths in the dark, which was funny, but i was welcoming the sun, i suppose.

It’s a good thing, too, because i had to work outside for the day.  It started off cool and damp, but the sun did come out and it was even in the low 50’s!  In January!  In New England!

When i came home, i made tomorrow’s breakfast and lunch (the picture below).  The lunchbox is from PlanetBox.  This is a relatively healthy collection of food, and the nice thing about the Planet Box is it does sort of help me with portion size (since i’m limited with what will fit).    Seeing things laid out like this also encourages me to add some color to my meals.

I also made myself an omelette for dinner.  I sauteed some onion and apple, wilted a little spinach and before folding it all up, i added some goat cheese.  It was SO good!  I could eat it over and over.  I also had some Avery’s birch beer.  Avery’s is a local soda company, and it’s delicious!  It’s manufactured a few blocks from where i grew up, so i have a certain fondness for it.

The rest of the evening i did some light chores and took a bath.  The Husband and I also had a heart to heart about his attitude lately.  I think he knows he’s hurting my feelings, but in the moment it doesn’t cross his mind.


Mini rice cakes, cucumber, turkey sandwich, tomatoes, raisins, ginger chocolate, apples and muselli

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