What Day Is It?

Today was a good day.

Again, my evening routine made my morning easy, and i was able to do things smoothly and get to work a little early.  At work, things were low stress (always nice).  I was able to chat with the Mister some, which is fun, and my coworkers were all in good moods.  The Husband was off to see some friends in NY, and then visit his parents in MA, but we caught up a little in the morning.

I left work a little early to sneak some extra time with the Mister.  We had switched days because of the Husband’s schedule.  Knowing all day that i’d see him that evening threw me off, thinking it was Monday.  That i have a 4 day work week is also messing with my mental schedule!

I do need to come up with some healthier snacks for the Mister.  It’s part of our weekly ritual, and helps us both calm down from our often busy workdays.  I’ve been falling into a default of cheese, crackers and an apple.  It’s not particularly unhealthy, but i feel like i could do something better for him, or at least provide variety!

So our time was good, part fun, part relationship talk, part life talk.  The Sister was having a hard time, so he left a little early to care for her after a few phone calls.  I appreciate that he didn’t run right away to care for her, letting her gain some strength on her own, but still being there for her.

Afterwards, I made my breakfast & lunch again, took a few more things out to pack for my trip, and laid out tomorrow’s clothes.  Breakfast the past few days has been 1/4 cup Bob’s Red Mill Muesli with about a half a cup of plain Greek yogurt, a splash of milk and a little vanilla.  It’s filling, takes some time to eat at my desk and really tasty.  I can make it the night before and everything soaks up lovely.  The milk helps cut the creaminess a little, or it gets too thick.

Lunch for tomorrow is a salad – spinach, apple, onion, pecans and goat cheese.  I made it for 2 of the Christmas events and it was very yummy.  I want to eat more colorful foods and also use whats in our house, and this definitely satisfied those requirements.  I also packed a few mini rice cakes and a KIND bar.  Lunch may be provided at work tomorrow for a meeting, but i’d rather be on the safe side.

Because the Mister left early, i was able to get to bed a little after 10PM, but normally he leaves at 10, so i’ll need to remember that for future scheduling.  Making my lunch isn’t the fastest process yet.  I’m sure i can learn to do more ahead as needed.

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