Eve of Adventure!

Sunrise from the landing

Sunrise from the landing

I can’t say this morning was particularly special.  It did start with a beautiful sunrise, however, with oranges and yellows reflecting onto the white snow.  It’s mornings like this that make me so glad to do my sun breaths on our landing, where i can look at our yard and see the sun come up these days.

Work was, well, like a job.  I daydreamed too much with our trip on the horizon.

This evening i came home after going to the bank, and got right into chores – putting away laundry, finishing some packing, emptying the dishwasher and generally making sure things were completed.   Then it was time for Bhakti yoga.  Normally there is a break every few weeks in the yoga class i take through Park & Rec, however, our wonderful teacher offered to do a special class this week during our normal break to support the town food bank.  It ended up being a particularly wonderful class, with 4 students.  We were able to ask more questions and work on specific poses while also focusing on our spiritual selves and connections with others.  I felt feeling taller and lighter.

Afterwards, there was more prep for the trip.  I had to make hard boiled eggs, rice crispy treats and a loaf of bread (in the bread machine, thankfully!).  It was hard to return to the manic do-do-do after such a peaceful class, so i didn’t, but was very efficient, moving with focus and determination.  I was productive enough i was able to go out with Duncan for dinner even!  How great!

There is laundry in the dryer now, and things to pack in the morning – apples, eggs, cream cheese, rice crispy bars – but things are generally done!  Maybe it was the beer with dinner, but i feel relaxed and ready.

I likely won’t be posting the next few days because i won’t be at a computer (and hopefully will be busy having fun!).  Look for more adventures next week!


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