Snowy Day

This morning i woke up slowly, i had trouble falling asleep last night, and didn’t feel a strong pressure to get to work at a certain time.  Then i heard a noise and realized… it was a plow.  We’d gotten several inches of snow overnight, and according to the reports, more is on the way.  We’re under a Winter Weather Advisory until 4PM.

I went about my morning routine, although i did end up not wearing last night’s clothing selection, preferring a skirt and tights instead.  My neighbor’s daughter popped outside while i was cleaning off the car to say hello and how beautiful things looked.  I was grumpy until she did.  Then i could see it.  Our neighborhood does look good in fresh snow.

Work was, unsurprisingly quiet, although we had a presentation from a contractor on horizontal directional drilling and environmental remediation.  They provided pizza for lunch, so my healthy salad will be good for tomorrow.  It was informative, but i’m not sure we’ll end up using the technology any time soon, as it is quite expensive.

After work (and getting out late… *sigh*), i headed to Target to do the shopping for our adventure this weekend.  Most of it was food, or food related, but i did also pick up a cute skirt.  I unloaded, organized what was going and packed the non-clothing items, then had some dinner.  After I packed the bulk of my clothing, although i might change bags.  I have a very sturdy backpack, but it always seems too small for more than 2 days away.


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