Back to real life – sort of

I took yesterday off to do chores and rest.  After a weekend away like Arisia, a little extra rest is necessary.

I had a great time at the con.  The panels i was on went well, including Housekeeping for Geeks, which was very full, despite being the last panel on the last day of the con!  The Alternative Activism panel was sadly very quiet, maybe it needs a different time slot or to have a year off.

I attended the Sandman‘s 25th Anniversary panel, which was interesting, but that was the only panel i made it to that didn’t have friends on it.  I did see some of Power Point Karaoke (hilarious!) and the Piscis Volans Circus (a steampunk theme circus troupe).  I was also able to make it to the shadowcasts for both Nightmare Before Christmas and Repo! The Genetic Opera.

Some lessons learned: We ate about half the food we brought, drank almost all the soda and very little of the wine.  Having 2 rooms was the right thing to do.  I need to be more aggressive in ensuring Duncan packs anti-snoring aids (and long term help him see  a sleep specialist).  Fruit snacks were a hit, so were the egg salad and tuna salad sandwiches.  We used more paper plates and less real ones.  Things that needed preparation, like cereal and milk were not.  In fact, the more steps needed to eat something, the less attractive it was.  The bag of Reese’s went quickly, so did the Rice Crispy bars.

I would like to purchase a duffle bag that isn’t my work bag.  My backpack, awesome as it is, isn’t meant for such trips, and doesn’t pack enough clothes well.  Packing food in the milk crates worked very well.  I also should learn to just pack a laundry bag, to make life easier.

Time with the nephew was wonderful.  We went swimming with one set of his parents one day, and he had a blast.  Another day i took him for a few hours while his parents were on panels or sleeping.  Mostly we ran in the hallways.  Once he figured out he was stuck with Auntie laurel, things were fine, but we were nervous at first!  It was funny to have conversations with other adults with kids and accidentally out myself as the not-parent, getting strange looks.

A very funny Auntie moment was when Aimee & Micah were on the Poly Parenting panel, and the rest of us were in the room, with the nephew napping.  When he woke up, he realized his Thomas the Tank Engine toy was missing.  The train has become his security item, and he was crying and crying, no other toy would do.  So i went down to the panel, and tried to get Aimee’s attention, suspecting it was in her bag, but the moderator saw me first, so lots of folks turned around.  I signed train, Aimee caught it and the day was saved, after a good laugh from the audience.

Yesterday, as i recovered, i turned all the left over eggs into egg salad and packed my lunch.  I also did all my laundry, which was a few loads, although i need to put it away tonight.  In the afternoon i saw Les Miserables with Mich & Ian, then caught up on Downton Abbey.  Really, a wonderful, chill way to come back to reality.

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