Back to work

Yesterday was back to work.  It was an office day, fortunately!  It’s very, very, very cold here in New England right now! Once again, routines made my life so much easier.  Coming back to work with clothes laid out, lunch prepared, just able to focus on the day really made me feel good.

After work, i spent some time with my friend Jason, discussing an event we’re considering running together.  He’s a great guy, and we have a lot of similar feelings on issues, plus we’ve worked together before.

I came home to finish my Arisia laundry, make today’s breakfast & lunch and lay out the clothes. It’s really becoming a comfortable routine, and i’m wondering what to add to improve it.  I also came home to a real treat – the latest trade of Fables had arrived.  I only read a little before falling asleep.

It was a productive day, even if most of it wasn’t home related. I’m hoping to take care of some tasks this weekend to get things back in order.  I’m learning what i can and can’t rely on while my spouse is out of work, a real challenge, but we’ll figure it out.


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