Another busy weekend!

This weekend was another busy one!

Friday night, Ian and i had a date, since we didn’t have a Monday night, and Mich had some other plans. I was feeling sick and tired, but the evening was actually very good! We had some good talk about future plans and touched on some Big Life Stuff coming up. I’m very lucky to have him in my life.

Saturday was a friend’s birthday party. I had planned to make an apple crisp, then changed my mind, and after much searching for a recipe that i had all the ingredients already on hand, decided to try out Fannie Farmer’s Lace Cookie recipe.  I did 2 very slight tweaks to the recipe, using Gluten Free flour and Dark, rather than light brown sugar.  Neither seemed to impact the cookies.

Lace Cookie Ingredients

Lace Cookie Ingredients

Dry ingredients in the bowl

Dry ingredients in the bowl

The trick with these cookies is realizing they’re not typical cookies. The point of them is to spread out and create a crispy brown sugar cookie with just enough oatmeal to give some texture and structure.

I’ve included a picture of the raw and baked cookies for comparison.  The recipe suggests using a 1/2 teaspoon of dough per cookie.  At first i thought this was not going to work, but actually, they were just the right size portion-wise that way.  The recipe says place them two inches apart, but i found sometimes even that wasn’t enough.  These WILL spread!  You want them to, afterall, but definitely don’t crowd the cookie sheet!  The recipe makes around 60 cookies, but i found i made closer to 75 perhaps?

Because of the size, however, and the oatmeal, it’s tricky to get the right balance of oatmeal and everything else in each cookie.  I didn’t get them all perfect, but a few were a little light on oats when i was scraping the sides of the bowl.

I used parchment paper on the cookie sheets because i was worried about sticking.  I think this helped with the cooling process, but because of the size of the cookies, some came out lopsided.  They were too light to hold down the paper!  That was a definite surprise!

Lace Cookies - raw and baked

Lace Cookies – raw and baked

Another reason these are tricky cookies is because the timing is tricky.  To get them perfect it takes longer than the recommended 5 minutes at 350F.  This is a lie.  They take way longer than that to get to the perfect level of done.  You don’t want lightly browned, you want them bubbling and a consistent brown.  I did manage to burn one batch, i’ll admit, but the edges should be a nice dark brown, otherwise they don’t set.  You need to get them to a bubbling hot stage and then quickly pull them out of the oven and let them cool (part of why the parchment paper was nice, i moved the paper to the cooling rack, rather than wait for the whole cookie sheet to cool) .

You can’t really get them pulled off the sheet until they are no longer sticky, but unless they are cooked enough, they will still be soft and you’ll have to eat the ones that end up all gooey and fall apart.

It’s totally an unwritten part of the recipe.

Saturday was also clean out the fridge day.  There were a few oranges hanging out that needed to be used before they went bad, and i had recently read how to make some natural throat soothers on The Yummy Life.

Homemade Honey Citrus Syrup - Orange & Clove

Homemade Honey Citrus Syrup – Orange & Clove

Well, i’ve been suffering from a cold, so this sounded like a great opportunity to try something new!  It was easy to cut up the oranges, add in some cloves and pour in the honey.  I didn’t have any buckwheat honey, but considering how much i am enjoying a little bit of this mixture in some hot water, i may invest in a bottle.  It definitely felt wonderful on my throat Saturday evening and Sunday morning, and tasted wonderful!  I was worried that the flavor would be weird, just mixed with hot water, but it was like a fruity tea almost.  This was definitely a keeper.

Orange, clove, allspice & cinnamon room scent

Orange, clove, allspice & cinnamon room scent

I still had some orange left over, so i used another trick from The Yummy Life to make up a natural room scent mixture.  I’ve done these before, one with lemon and rosemary and another with oranges and spices, but decided to freeze this one, and use it later on.  This has oranges, cloves, allspice and cinnamon.   Both times i’ve done these previously they were usable for almost a week and smelled wonderful.  

And more space was made in the fridge!

Sunday there was game, or not-game in my case.  Michelle and i took the nephew to the mall to let him run around and let folks work on plumbing and then play some Dresden Files.  But before we did any of that, i decided to use up the apples in the fridge and make the apple crisp i’d thought about the day before.

Apple Crisp Ingredients (sans nutmeg)

Apple Crisp Ingredients (sans nutmeg)

I used a recipe from Dahl House Recipes for Honey Ginger Apple Crumble.  I LOVED the crumble part of this, but the apple part needed a little re-working.  I’m on a ginger kick lately, and i think i did too much ginger.  Still, the honey in the crumble/crisp part was delicious.  I think it may become a regular recipe.

Fruit crumble/crisps like this are a great way to do a gluten free dessert and use up fruit.  Writing about these now i can’t wait to do peach and blueberry crumble again in the summer!  Maybe that’s just the snowy outside teasing me though.

Finished Apple Crisp

Finished Apple Crisp

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