A not-so-manic Monday

Yesterday had the potential to feel awful.

I didn’t let it.

It wasn’t a great day, sure, but it was still a good day.  My chores were done, i spent time with my husband, we had a good (though not healthy!) meal, i took a bath and read a little. Nothing wild, really, but sometimes that is life, right?

And there were some nice moments, like coming home to a driveway that had already been cleared of snow, and an open garage, so i could pull right in (our garage doors are manually operated).

I cant control so many things, but i can choose how, or even if, they control me. Rather than dwell on what didn’t happen, i was able to find new opportunities, how cool is that?

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One thought on “A not-so-manic Monday

  1. Trying to let go of things beyond your control is such a challenging exercise, and really seems like the solution to all-around happiness with our bodies, our past, our family, etc etc. Someday my dear! someday we shall master it!

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