Tired Girl

Last night i was drained.  I was able to do my routine, put away the laundry and that was about it.  Like in bed by 8PM.

The good news is, whatever has been in my system seems to have worked itself out.  Today i feel revived and back to my usual trouble making self.

I’m taking two classes online during my lunch breaks, thanks to Universal Class and our town library having a free subscription.  The first is Housekeeping 101 and the second is Clutter Control 101.  Neither have been amazing so far, but i always enjoy new perspectives.  There are a lot of classes there, so even if they are all very introductory, i’m bound to pick up some new information.

I feel confident about my daily routines, and know they are simplifying my life.  My new challenge is how to incorporate the chores i need to do on a less-than-daily basis.  I am considering taking Leo Babauta’s advice for how to wake up earlier, beginning next week.  I love the feeling of having a productive morning, it sets the right tone for my whole day.  If i use that extra time in the morning for housework, i may have more focus about what should be done.  It will also mean my evenings will not need to change from their current, less structured, state.

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