Recently, Ian requested I send him an email each day.  Since we don’t always have a chance to connect, it’s a simple way to ensure good communication and feelings of security.  In the email I am supposed to include something that struck me that day.

I struggled, as yesterday wasn’t particularly exciting, and then i realized, i was feeling peaceful.  Despite the chaos and stress around me, i felt at peace.  Maybe it was having a particularly good yoga class, but that was the thing that struck me.

Every day now, i’m taking steps to make my home more of what i want it to be through my routines and using Remember the Milk as an external brain.  I’m managing my email to be less distracting.  Last night i did the initiation tests to begin doing both the 100 push ups and 200 sit ups challenges, to add more daily movement.  By writing here each day, i’m taking small steps towards a more mindful life.  I feel secure, calm, and able to relax at the end of the day, knowing what needed to be done has been accomplished.

I can’t promise this calm will last, but right now, things feel good.  Food is still a struggle area, and i am behind in my goal to study for the Professional Engineering Exam in April, but that doesn’t mean i should give up or walk away.  It means i need to make changes.  Habit stacking and curating my time will let me do just that.

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