Weekend Plus

One Giant Not-Scone

One Giant Not-Scone

I know, i know! I’ve been slacking on writing the last few days! It’s not because of actual slacking, I promise!

Saturday was a long, but productive day. I spent most of it alternating between cleaning and studying for the PE exam. Expect to be reading that phrase a lot the next few months. The bathroom was really cleaned though, which made me very happy. I also did lots of other cleaning bits around the house that have been neglected for far too long!

Saturday evening was our company holiday dinner. It was as awkward and annoying as expected, but i had a nice piece of fish.

Sunday started off not-quite-right and stayed that way. I wanted to make scones, but the dough was too wet. I made something delicious, but it wasn’t scones!  Because the dough was too sticky, i decided to bake it in one lump, rather than pieces. Mom pointed out it was basically soda bread. I’ll go with that!

Duncan made chili, per my request, that also didn’t come out quite right.  It was good, don’t get me wrong, but it was a little watery.  I made Fannie Farmer cornbread, which did come out very tasty, so at least there was that.

My mother in law apparently had a lot of faith in Fannie Farmer, but it wasn’t a cookbook i grew up with.  Dad preferred the Joy of Cooking and Mom makes just a few dishes she knows nearly by heart.  I am learning to love Fannie Farmer, having such a high success rate with the recipes.  I am honestly disappointed with Alton Brown’s scone recipe, because I’m Just Here For More Food has given me some great baking skills.  I am hoping it was an ingredient fail, and will try it again some time.

I’ve been keeping up with my sit ups and push ups as promised.  Ouch! I am sore!  It doesn’t help that i have been working outdoors the last few days (and will be for most of the week).  It’s quite cold out, but wells still need to be sampled.

The weather did mean my board meeting was cancelled tonight.  Which is why i’m writing instead of discussing queer culture and social media.  I’m a little thankful for that!


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