The Calm Before The (Winter) Storm

What I love most about my home is who i share it with

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Well, things haven’t slowed down at all.

Wednesday and Thursday were more groundwater sampling at work.  It isn’t particularly hard work, but it isn’t easy either.  Especially in the cold.  Things freeze, your body gets stiff and, if you’re not careful, you slip and fall and break equipment, like i did on Thursday.

It wasn’t my best day ever.

Still, it wasn’t all bad.  I did manage to muck up my ankle, but went to yoga anyway.  My instructor is very kind and i know to listen to my body.  I modified a few poses, so everything was fine.  What stood out from class was as we settled in, Lisa reminded us to let go of expectations, including those for the weather today.  At the end of class, one of my fellow students said class had been the calm before the storm.  How true!

It’s now 8 AM, and i’m at my office, nearly alone as far as i can tell.  Many of my coworkers who have longer commutes are working from home or took the day off in some form.  They are allowing folks to make up time next week if they need to.

Hartford County is currently under a Blizzard Warning for Storm Nemo.  We’re expected to get somewhere between 18″-24″ of snow.  Duncan has bought some extra rock salt for the steps and i’ll actually park in the garage when i get back home.  The snow is just starting to fall now.

Duncan bought all kinds of food and i have plenty of studying to do, so we’ll be fine.  Stay warm friends!

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