Weathering the Storm

I’ll have another picture post with some post-storm pictures, clearing out and life at the office, but first some text, because i can do that right now.

Saturday was mostly spent clearing out from the storm.  Duncan or i would use the shovel to pull it down and the other person would use the snowblower to get it out of the area, although in some areas the drifts were just too high and we had to do it all by hand.  It was a quiet evening of TV, napping and studying.  Although the travel ban was lifted at 4PM, we stayed put.  The roads were still messy and we had  no where we needed to be.  I made some Toll House cookies which were delicious.  Aimee’s use of a little extra salt has become my new favorite trick.

Sunday Duncan shoveled more and then we made breakfast.  I actually made pancakes from scratch, rather than a box.  I also made beef stew.  And slept. And studied.  Wild times, right?

The good news is, even with us both being captive all weekend, the house is still clean and organized.  We didn’t even kill each other.  I feel like the more small things i do, the easier it all is to keep up with.  Sure, that’s a simple concept, but seeing it in action is amazing.

Yesterday i did have to go to work, although it was a quiet day.  Afterwards Ian came over for date night and we had some quiet.  He stayed over because his street has been plowed very little and with 5 cars to manage, one less on-site seemed like a good plan.

Again, because things are kept at a decent level of clean, having an overnight guest unexpectedly was no big deal.  I’m so glad my systems are working.

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