Behind, but not much to say

I had a goal of writing here daily, something.  Not necessarily big, but how i’m making progress towards who i want to be. I’m behind, but that doesn’t mean i should stop.  I am writing now.  I will write tomorrow.  This is all i can worry about.

Tuesday night i had a board meeting in Enfield.  The highway was a little scary, with lanes still not plowed out, but i made it and we had a very productive gathering.  I came home, felt tired and went to bed not much earlier than usual.  Sadly, Ian had given me a stomach flu that woke me up at 1 AM, and hourly after that for about 12 hours of not very pleasant.  

It was rough enough that i ventured downstairs once in two days.  The rest of the time i was in the bedroom or bathroom.  Fortunately, i seem to be making a good recovery.  

I was certainly glad i had a clean bathroom though!  And Duncan took wonderful care of me.

Yesterday i went back to work, and easily settled back into routine.  I even splurged and bought flowers for my loves and brother after work.  In the evening, Michelle, Ian, Brendan and i attended the Museum After Dark (MAD) event at the New Britain Museum of American Art.  They are hosting an exhibit called Toulouse-Lautrec & His World, which i have been really wanting to see.  The MAD parties feature food, wine, beer, performances, music and of course, the museum.  It’s a fantastic event.  I’m glad i was healed enough to attend, and appreciate the exhibit.  I do intend to go back before it closes though, to spend more time with certain works. I also got to have a cupcake from NoRA Cupcakes, and Brendan had some grilled cheese from The Whey Station.  

It was a good night after so much quiet and feeling shut in.  Yay for adventures with people i love.  

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