A little bit of a shut in

Yesterday was cold and snowy (as if we needed more snow!).  I stayed in and studied mostly, but also did a lot of laundry and cleaning.  After being sick i really wanted things clean, to leave that behind.  The result was 3 loads of laundry, and putting both quilts through the dryer to freshen them up.  Since the bed was stripped i flipped the mattress as well.  The result was a wonderful night’s sleep in total comfort.

I’m still eating mostly beige food, and small amounts of it.  Not that it’s a terrible thing, but i keep thinking things sound good until i smell ingredients.  I’m hopeful today i might be able to eat some protein.  i feel weak and i suspect that’s a part of it.

This week is a little wacky.  There is no Ian date because we will be going away this weekend, and no yoga because of the school vacation.  I am choosing to see this as time to get things done and work on projects rather than losses.

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