Another Monday

Today has been productive.  Returning to work after the weekend was smooth, and at work i found lots to do.  Always a good thing!  Admittedly, one of those tasks was not so pleasant – cleaning our sample fridge!  One element of my job is collecting soil samples.  We store them in a fridge, however there is often dirt on the outside of the jars, which carries to the fridge.  Long enough and it gets pretty gross!

After work i did some errands.  One new habit i am working on is ensuring i take everything out of the car and put everything away BEFORE i sit down.  Away doesn’t just mean in the right room, but in a drawer, on a shelf, where it is going to live.  This hopefully will prevent clutter build up and ensure i don’t buy things if they aren’t going to have a home.

Now i’m relaxing while Duncan is at martial arts class.  Not a very exciting report, but progress is constantly occurring.  Small steps.


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