A Trip to Target

I thought it would be an interesting experiment to look at my receipt from Target, a store that often tempts me to buy  more than i need, and review why i bought what.  So here goes.  An * next to an item indicates it was part of my shopping list or planned agenda.

  • Cleaning wipes* – These i use ever day as part of my swish & swipe.  It’s my guilty environmental secret, although i do buy the least harmful ones i can.
  • Dishwasher detergent (2 packs) – We were running low, and i hate to be without them.
  • Skirt – impulse purchase, however, i have been whining i own no long skirts and it’s too cold for short skirts
  • Underwear* (2 pairs) – Wanted something that would match the 2 new bras i bought for my anniversary trip. These are cute, but will also get plenty of wears.
  • Bras* (2) – i would of just bought one, but the style i thought would impress Ian came in a two pack.  He’s big on girly underthings, an area i often fail at.  I will likely only wear these for him, so definitely did NOT contribute to living simpler!
  • Tonic* – for the trip, since Ian likes gin & tonics
  • Fizzy Water* – ditto
  • Lemon Juice* – we go through this a lot between drinks and baking
  • Chocolate bark – impulse buy, but it was delicious
  • Brown Sugar* – use it for baking and had run out
  • Chocolate pomegranate thingies – impulse buy, but a favorite, will have in lunches
  • Almond milk* – use for breakfasts as a substitute for regular milk
  • Kids sandwich things – impulse buy, these are no good for me, but i love them
  • Danish – i was hungry and it looked so good, total impulse
  • Mouthwash* – had none
  • Paper towels* – replacing last roll, we go through a roll a month or so, so this should last a while.
  • Contact lens solution* – had none
  • Eye drops* – had only expired drops
  • Contact cases – saw them and realized it was likely time to replace my dirty and beat up one, semi impulse buy.
  • Cat litter* – opened new bag, which meant we needed to buy the next one to replace it.  I try not to run out of this!
  • Cat food* – also running low and don’t want Lucky to starve!
  • Whisk* – replacing broken whisk

So, food is my danger zone, junk food in particular.  Good to know!

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3 thoughts on “A Trip to Target

  1. I very much approve of tonic water being on the list! G and T’s are tasty.

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