Honesty in blogging

While it’s more fun to share the beautiful and inspiring, we have a responsibility as publishers to be transparent and vulnerable. It’s that vulnerability that connects us with each other. As readers, we have a responsibility to understand that one person’s heart, soul and life experience cannot be shared in one image or five hundred words. If we can soften our approach from both sides we can find a place to meet in the middle, to truly connect. (Vulnerability and the Myth of the Picture Perfect Anything – Be More With Less)

This was part of an article that came through my email this afternoon.  I read multiple blogs on minimalism, domestic life, cooking, organization and such.  I sometimes even feel like an imposter when i write here.  I am not always organized.  I eat out too often.  I dawdle and procrastinate.  I have too much stuff, and sometimes the ‘stuff’ in my world (mine or other people’s) gets in the way of life. I still haven’t figured out the right balance between openly documenting my life as a queer polyamorous person and knowing most of the folks reading and writing about domestic topics are not necessarily friendly towards that.

So here’s my vow to you, readers.  I’m going to honestly document my adventures and misadventures.

Like this past weekend.  Ian and i went away to celebrate our 3 year anniversary.  Technically, we think we started dating in November, but being two engineer-minded sorts, we decided to re-date our anniversary to a less chaotic time of year, so we could actually celebrate.  We went to Newport, RI, and it was lovely.  We’ve never had so much time to just be with each other without distractions.

I learned a few things though, like maybe it would of been smarter to look at food places before hand.  We wasted a lot of time on looking at menus before going out.  I also skipped my morning sun breathes, and had some insecurities with my weight and appearance.  I know Ian loves me 20+ pounds higher, and 20 pounds lower, but you can bet which felt better.

The weekend away meant being behind on chores, though i’m (mostly) caught up now.

Tonight is a date with Duncan.  We’re going to try the new branch of a local restaurant.  I hope to finish catching up on chores as well.

I can aim to do my best.  I can learn.  But pretending i’m perfect isn’t going to help me any.

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