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Last night i enjoyed my date with Duncan.  We tried a new place, which was underwhelming, but nice to have the time together.  Afterwards we went and did our own things, which for me included a little housework.  I am finding i am best and doing my chores first thing in the morning or right when i come home.  After 8 PM or so i want to wind down, just do my routines and relax.

This morning i was quite productive, thanks to planning ahead.  There is soup in the crock pot for when i get home (which is the perfect day for it, grey, cold and rainy), and i swept my office.  I love Lucky, but he is extremely good at kicking litter outside of the box and all over the floor around him, even with a mat and a tall box.  It means i need to sweep in there every 3-4 days.

Routines are back to normal, even after a weekend away, which is good.  The only signs i took a trip are Ian’s drinking glasses we got while at the brewery we visited.  I will return those to him Friday.

Tonight i will mostly relax.  I feel down with the weather, hormones and adventure drop.  Still, the house is really getting to a state that makes me feel good and is so manageable.  There are imperfections, of course, but day to day, i feel good!

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