Cleaning the washer


I’m at an awkward phase, cleaning and organizing wise. There are, of course, tons of things to do. I could sweep the living room or deal with the growing mess in the basement or rearrange the kitchen cabinets. But the things I want to do are the small steps in big project tasks. So today I dealt with the washing machine.

It’s been several years and I think I ran it once empty with bleach, but that’s it. And a layer of ick had developed on the agitator. And drum. And dirt and lint had grown in crevices.

I dusted, scrubbed and ran two cycles, one with bleach, one with vinegar. I filled the drum with hot water and the bleach or vinegar, then let it sit for an hour before running the hottest, longest cycle available. I’m happy to say – no more ick!

And while I waited for it to fill, i dusted the disastrous shelves in the laundry room. We previously didn’t have the dryer vent outside, the the dust and lint accumulated in the room. As a result anything in the room got dusty. We’ve corrected the issue, but haven’t really cleaned. So this was a start. I tossed some old detergents we won’t use and that was ok. Why keep things we don’t need or want? And while money might be tight, if we really, really need a specific brand of stain remover, we can replace it.

So it sounds silly, but the washer is clean. And it was easy, just took a few trips up and down the stairs. I’m proud of it!

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