The New Normal – Routines & Healthy Habits

I’m in another transition period.  Duncan is (hopefully) starting work soon.  Michelle was recently diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease.  Aimee is expecting in October.  Ian’s mother will be moving in with them this summer.  The upcoming Life Events will require me be particularly flexible, patient and communicate well, probably through the end of the year.

I love having a base-line normal, on a daily, weekly and overall basis.  Routines are my anchor to ‘normalcy’.  I can count on small things like doing sun breathes when i wake up, laying out my clothes or writing an email to Ian regardless of how chaotic the day may be.  Those touchstones are small, but provide great comfort.

Each of these Life Events will bring changes, and a new normal will emerge, however temporary.  Often times these changes distract me, and become excuses to get away from my values and goals.  Or i become focused on one element, leaving other important aspects behind.

So i’m trying to change some routines & habits to encourage better health.  For example, i know that weighing in every day, while sometimes depressing, keeps me aware of my weight.  When i am aware of my weight, i eat better and am motivated to exercise.  It’s now routine to step on the scale.  I can work on being mindful, accepting my body as it is right now, and making decisions to be healthier.

I am trying for the new normal to include walking and running.  If there are no other plans and it’s not raining, i should go outside and exercise.  I will not miss watching television.  The new normal also means making healthier meals and cooking in.  Again, it’s a time investment, but i enjoy being in the kitchen.  I’ve got the habit of making breakfast and lunch down, so now i can improve on them, making sure they include lots of fruits and veggies and less processed foods.  Why not make today’s dinner and tomorrow’s breakfast & lunch all at once?  If it’s the New Normal to spend time cooking, i can account for that.  It only takes a few weeks for it to feel seamless and be habit, and once it’s routine, it’s even easier, just part of life, like cleaning the kitchen counter or sorting the mail.

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