What Blog?

I know, i know, i’ve been neglecting this blog, much like other parts of my world lately.  The PE and post-PE low, followed by sick, followed by YAY Duncan has a job!, followed by “wait, i have to do all the things he was doing at home?” and and and and….

I know, lousy excuses.

I’ve been recommitting to the house work, which is good.  The garden looks nice.  I need to cook more.  Our CSA starts next week.  Things here are good, just busy.  And i’m a slacker.

So, yes, sorry for the babble, but i’ll be getting back on track.  Or trying to at least.  


One thought on “What Blog?

  1. Nicky says:

    Our CSA started last week. Lots of goodies. Yeah for Duncan.

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