Farmers Market!

Finally! I was able to make it to the Wethersfield Farmer’s Market!  I had been a steady attendee in years previous, but hardly made it at all last year.  It started back up for the season at the start of May, but with so much going on, I hadn’t made it to it’s new location at the Solomon Welles House.  It’s right by Wethersfield Cover (and the DMV), which makes for a better location.  It’s also grown quite a bit!  Even this early in the season, it was packed with delicious food, plants, crafts and more!

When i drove around the corner (parking was at a premium, thanks to the summer-like weather) I saw the NoRA Cupcake Truck.  Now, if you live in CT and hadn’t had the pleasure of a cupcake from them, you’re missing out.  I got myself a Bannoffee cupcake, which was exactly as awesome as you’d think.  I hope they come regularly!

Lucky Taco was there too, but as i had to go pick up plants afterwards, i didn’t get to visit them.  I hope they come back next week.  I love the addition of the food trucks, and this venue seems to be much more inviting to them!

I did stop by my favorites – Sweet Pea Cheese for some of their apricot maple goat cheese.  This might sound weird, but it’s just sweet enough and tastes amazing.  To me it tastes like summer, and it took serious willpower not to try and find some crackers right away!  I also picked up some butter rolls from Morning Glory Bakery.  I found out this is their last season before moving to Tennessee.  Their rolls are amazing, and the idea of it being their last go up here is a total bummer.

I also picked up some free range eggs from a new-to-me company called Killam & Bassette Farmstead.  I have been craving eggs lately, and can’t wait to enjoy some fresh eggs tonight for dinner!


Eggs from Killam & Bassette Farmstead


Apricot Maple goat cheese from Sweet Pea Cheese



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