Food Challenges

Last year i lost almost 40 lbs.  And sadly, i have since gained back over half of it.  The winter killed my running and studying for the PE took up a lot of time (and created a lot of stress eating).  Aimee’s pregnancy meant i lost my running partner and hit some tough emotions, as my primary drive had been to get healthier before getting pregnant myself, something which seemed unlikely during Duncan’s unemployment.

But i’m trying again.  I’ve purchased a FitBit One, having killed my old FitBit a while back, and am just tracking right now.  I’ve also started to document what i eat on a Tumblr, just a photo and description.  The act of “broadcasting” what i eat is helping me make better choices, as well as resist giving in to easy temptations.  Do i want the world to know i ate a giant pile of cookies? No, ok then, how about i don’t eat them?  Since many of my ‘guilty’ foods are highly processed snacks and sweets, i’ve been trying to focus on (mostly) eating things I’ve prepared.

I’ve also been writing when i’ve had a craving.  What it’s been for and what is triggering it.  Sometimes it is about hunger, but i’m finding it’s also about feeling tired, sad, lonely or bored.  When i acknowledge i want food to soothe my emotional or physical state, it’s easier to redirect myself to some water or seltzer.  Cheese and crackers really won’t fix my relationship issues.  Chocolate will not make work less taxing.

I’m using my Laptop Lunchbox for work and it’s great.  Making an effort to choose healthier foods is also helping me to ensure my CSA items are getting used up!

I’m hopeful doing these things will help me lose weight, but in a more general scheme learn to be more aware of my habits and change them for the better.  Wouldn’t it be great at some point if i was able to re-train my brain?


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