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Shiny sink


So much of flylady drives me bonkers. Purple everything. Lots of “buy this thing to clean your house and reduce clutter” when the reality is only you can make a cleaner house, and few special tools are needed.

But shining my sink? It makes a difference. It means no dishes are left inside. Or wet spots for lucky to get his paws into (and leave paw prints everywhere). The clean has spread across the counter, and now part of my night time routine is cleaning the counter. Which leads to wiping to stovetop down. And sometimes the light switch, since the rag is already in my hand.

It might sound like a lot, but its literally 2 minutes. And my whole kitchen benefits. So here is my sink. It’s not perfect, but it is shining.

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More musings on the evening routine

Lunch Made

Lunch Made

Yesterday was yoga day.  Except during work my eyes were really bothering me.  The very cold weather has meant all kinds of heaters are on full blast, and the air is incredibly dry.  I found my throat getting scratchy and my nose starting to run as well, and wasn’t sure if it was a cold or a symptom of the uncomfortable conditions.

So i skipped yoga and did the needed grocery shopping.  I was out of yogurt, cheese and wanted to pick up something for Duncan after his aikido class as well.  Once i was home i was able to quickly go about things.  Getting the mail, putting groceries away, straightening up here & there.  Because i keep up with these tasks they are quick and easily manageable.  I think this is the number one thing for keeping a clean, organized home – constant, but small steps.

I made today’s breakfast and lunch after putting some brownies in the oven.  Duncan had a bad day, and i was hopeful they might cheer him up.  This week i’ve been using the PlanetBox Rover a lot, which i do enjoy, but sometimes struggle with the portioning.  When we have a little more money, i’m considering getting a Launch model.  The Rover is great, but i can’t put a whole cut up apple into any section except the largest, and if i use the largest section for  a salad it is not enough food.  If you’re curious, that’s the Modern Art magnet set on there.  Although i’ve not been officially writing down my lunches, i have been following some patterns which are definitely helping me ensure i have healthy foods each day.

Clothes laid out

Clothes laid out

I’m considering making a little template for myself and tracking what i’ve done as an idea for future lunches, and maybe sharing them here.  It might be a fun exercise, and as i mix up different containers I could use a few different templates.

The other big evening routine element is choosing my clothes for the next day.  I really can’t express how much this is helping me in the mornings.  First off, i don’t need to search for anything, bleary eyed and in the dark.  I do keep my wardrobe limited in some ways –  basic colors, simple pieces. Still, when looking for a black tank top in my drawer it can be a real challenge!  I own so much black!

And yes, that is sparkly pink batman underwear.  This is the Geeky House Girl blog afterall.

I’m considering laying out all of my clothes for the day as part of my evening routine.  Currently I just put out my first outfit.  While i can, of course, change my mind, i usually know what is happening later in the day, and if an outfit change will be needed.  Why not take the time while i’m already in the drawers looking for one thing to get the others out as well?

Again, when there is more money, i might also consider purchasing a valet stand of some sort.  I know they are traditionally for men’s clothing, but why not?  Most days things are not so neatly folded, i’ll admit!

So even though i felt ucky and my eyes hurt, i was able to lay a great foundation for today.  I think how easily a bad night could of led to a tough morning, but with these simple actions, things were smooth, even with a bit of a cold!

I think i will officially add wipe down kitchen counters to my evening routine now.  Although i sometimes do, it’s not every day, and it should be.  I’ve been keeping my sink relatively shiny by the time i go to bed, so why not expand the clean around it?

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Morning Routine

This is a rough idea of what my morning routine looks like.  As it’s always shifting with my needs and goals, it may not be 100% current, but i will try to keep it up to date as possible.

  • Wake up (usually with alarm)
  • Bathroom – wash up, brush hair, weigh in (physical care)
  • Bathroom – swish & swipe
  • Get dressed (usually have my clothes laid out already)
  • Sun breaths
  • Make sure i have my phone and head downstairs
  • Cat care – feed Lucky & clean the litter box