Each day I have three routines, a morning, an after work and an evening routine.  The morning routine is the most concrete.  The others are sometimes a little less organized, but each element still happens (almost!) every day.

Morning Routine

  • Physical care (weighing in, etc)
  • Exercise time!
  • Shower & wash up
  • Swish & swipe
  • Get dressed
  • Empty dishwasher
  • Set up husband’s breakfast & lunch
  • Feed Lucky & clean litterbox
  • Eat breakfast

After Work Routine

  • Get & sort mail
  • Check the laundry status (and run laundry as necessary)
  • Cook dinner

Evening Routine

  • Lay out clothes for tomorrow (exercise & day-time clothes)
  • Make breakfast & lunch for tomorrow (work nights only)
  • Wipe down kitchen counters
  • Set dishwasher to run
  • Physical care (brushing teeth, washing up, etc)
  • Write daily email
  • Review today’s and tomorrow’s to-do list

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