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New Cabinet!

This weekend Mom and I attended the Wethersfield Antique Show, mostly to learn some new things and so she could talk with Mad River Antiques.  It’s not the sort of event that has a lot of things we can afford, although we were there very early in the day and folks were happy to deal.  We needed to kill some time after arriving so we left and checked out a nearby furniture consignment shop, just on a whim.

I fell in love.

There was a wooden cabinet, clearly well loved, but in great shape by the register.  It was the same era as my house.  And it ended up in my kitchen, thanks to Mom’s encouragement.  We had been using a wire rack to hold the plates, cups and bowls, but this is so much nicer looking and way more storage.


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Saturday i didn’t want to wake up, hearing the rain and snow melt, still feeling off and uncomfortable from last night’s hard discussions.  I did my morning routine and took the time to do some volunteer work, but my heart wasn’t in it, and i couldn’t focus well.

Then it was time to go fetch a desk with my sister.  The two of us met up with friends of hers and we got the desk – a 100 year old wooden desk and chair.  Her friend’s grandfather used it in his office when he was a doctor.  It’s a beauty, though well loved.  She and i had a nice lunch after, mostly commiserating about the challenges of long term relationships (i mean with all the love, it’s just hard!) and aimed to get the desk into her wife’s home office.

This failed.  We got it upstairs, no worries.  Even right outside the door.  But alas, the door jamb was too narrow, by several inches.  Instead the desk will live at her work office, and go later on.

I bought my materials for the PE Exam.  Bleck, but something i needed to do.

Unfortunately, by late afternoon another headache had snuck up on me, and most of the rest of the day was spent on the couch.  This time of year i seem to be more prone to them.

Sunday, I started the day with high hopes, moving through my routine effortlessly.  I cleaned out the fridge and freezer (and made a note to do it every 2 weeks), then i headed off on an adventure for goodies for my Foodie Pen Pal, Accidently Delish.  I went to 3 different stops  and was able to get a fun selection for $15.

I made some gluten free chocolate chip cookies from a Cherrybrook Kitchen mix, and enjoyed some rye-toast from a local bakery.  The cookies were OK, a bit dry, and definitely in need of more chocolate chips.  Still, for a quick box mix my sister can actually enjoy, it was worth the effort.  I also made my breakfast and lunch for tomorrow, because i knew if i waited until later, i wouldn’t.

Later meant post-game, or in my case, post-time-with-the-sister.  She and i went shopping and had a nice dinner out, then took care of the munchkin while the rest of the family worked on their Dresden Files game.  It was good to plan out our trip together and relax.

I don’t say it enough, how much i appreciate the Sister.  Our relationship could easily be awkward, for many it is.  The reality is her friend (me) started dating her boyfriend (the Mister).  And we still haven’t totally figured out what we want our dynamic to be, other than emotionally intimate.  Since she’s the Keeper of the Schedule, it would be easy for her to make things difficult, and she chooses not to, allowing he and i dedicated time.  I love her as if she was my sister, and am so very grateful to have her in my life.

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